" Somewhere in the South on a cotton field, people were dreaming of something better. I am the dream of my Ancestors, from the thrones in Africa to the cotton fields of the south."  - Ayannah Johnson

I believe that we are destined for greatness and we  sometimes need reminders of that. I believe our strength, heart, and courage are all pre-determined. There is a reason that when we stand up for things, it feels like a fire inside of us. It feels like we are doing something greater than ourselves. I'm not only fighting the fight in front of me but I am also continuing a fight for my ancestors. 

When I was 20 I was given my great great great  grandfather's slave narrative. It told his story as a slave, his whole life was documented in five pages, and that was all I had of  him. The Noni Project thrives from those five pages. The story of a courageous man who was a once a king, but would only be remembered as slave. 

This shirt signifies the feeling that I have when I know that great powers are praying for me. Somewhere in the universe, at some time someone prayed and prayed for me to continue fighting for justice. I feel it on days that are beautiful or a day when I overcome the unthinkable. I am the dream of my ancestors on those cotton fields in the south to that throne in Africa.